The only woman-founded and woman-run Forbes Top 10 executive search firm, Diversified Search Group (DSG) has taken a deliberately different approach to executive search services throughout their 40 year history. 

At a time of unprecedented growth for their company, DSG looked to WDG for a total website redesign to consolidate a portfolio of companies and acquired brands into one unified domain. And that single website needs to increase ease of use across all devices, advance accessibility and provide users with easy access to their entire suite of services.


Combine the websites of six portfolio companies with unique brands into a single entity – Diversified Search Group.


Flexibility in formatting, design and UX with landing pages, governance and taxonomies that streamline access to critical information about Diversified Search Group’s practice areas and services.


Six independent domains merged into one unified career search and services solution for sourcing global executive leadership.

Developing core business solutions

WDG established WordPress content management solutions that made it easier to update the active search profiles essential to Diversified Search Group’s services.

Page building assistance and dedicated developer focus on migrating existing job profile records from the portfolio companies prepared the site for a successful launch.  

WDG brought forward the diverse voices and pioneering spirit of the Diversified Search Group community through a series of deep listening sessions. Equipped with valuable insight from key stakeholders about where they’ve been and where they’re headed, WDG translated the top business priorities into an engaging and accessible user experience.

redirecting acquired company websites

An effective redirect strategy brought all acquired properties to their matching landing pages on the new website at launch. Each portfolio company sees its specialties represented in the taxonomies and architecture supported by Diversified Search Group’s outstanding reputation.

representing combined strengths

Design and content strategy weave together and elevate the faces and voices that put the company at the forefront of equitable hiring practices. Results take the lead in a design that highlights stats, success stories and global reach.


Conscientious content migration and copywriting transferred branded ranking keywords and domain authority from the portfolio companies into the unified ecosystem. This evolved their website from a single-use marketing solution into a scalable center for talent networking, industry news and professional development resources.

WDG and Diversified Search Group met each other at the intersection of a shared strategic vision.

Experience developing effective digital strategies positioned WDG to support DSG’s “Family of Firms” consolidated brand strategy and create a website that embodied the client’s values, differentiators, thought leadership and credibility. 

Combining six unique companies under a single brand identity requires patience, persistence and perseverance. Finding the right balance that represents the history, skills and contributions of everyone who’s come to the table is a challenge. But it’s the human ability to communicate, listen, empathize and change course when needed that leads to harmony and growth.

The final product is a website that converts target audiences, positions results and showcases the successes of a business that strives to be deliberately different.

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