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We build websites crafted with care and love what we make.

For over a decade, every project has been met with a passion and pursuit to consistently deliver conversion-driven solutions.

We lay the strategic foundation for each project by understanding the targeted business goals and audience needs of our clients. Our data-driven approach delivers results that are strategically on-brand.

Our strategists, designers, web developers and marketers take service and standards seriously — the job will not just be completed, but mastered. All of our clients know that they are working with a hand-picked, quality, experienced team.

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As of January 2024, we’re thrilled to be a part of the Agital family and join forces with four outstanding organizations dedicated to building the marketing agency of the future – one that focuses on sustainable growth and helping companies advance in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

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WDG Web Strategy Team. Delivering awarding winning web design services in Washington DC area

WDG Leadership

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Why Choose WDG

Decidedly different.

The core of WDG is a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team unified in our collective vision: delivering digital experiences with a human touch.

We’ve always been committed to diverse, inclusive hiring practices that, in turn, make for a more creative space to work. While we respect everyone’s background, what’s most important to us is your originality that allows for the continued growth of the agency and our team. The strength of our agency lies in the collective skills and capabilities that we rely on each and every day to support our clients and enhance our service offerings.

Work with Us

It all starts with strategy. Crafting a new website is not guesswork — it is a research-based, data-driven analysis of organizational and audience needs that builds a framework that supports your vision.

Enter our award-winning design team.

They take these data-driven analyses and turn the idea into a dream realized. It’s not just elegant, not just pretty — it’s functional, too — keeping the user in mind with every click.
Our brilliant web developers then come in and bring it to life. Their specialities in Open Source Content Management System implementations, intricate content migrations, and complex third-party API driven integrations come together to make the website a whole, functioning being. What starts as a mere ‘what if?’ becomes a thriving user-centric platform.

It may seem difficult, but it’s just the dedicated work of some extremely talented people. Our people.

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