WordPress Q&A with the Team

Kurtis Shaner
- < 1 min read

We decided to celebrate the first day of summer by holding a WordPress Q&A on twitter covering common problems people have with this popular CMS. If you have any design/development questions, feel free to tweet them to us @WDGTweet.

@heylaurynbee: how do I set up my blog to automatically post to my FB page? #help#wordpress

Lauryn, great question! We just posted about the new WordPress/Facebook plugin on Monday (read it here) but here’s a quick recap: Facebook recently released the official WordPress plugin that will allow you to add a link and summary of  WordPress posts to your Facebook timeline. You can also tag your friends and add the “like” and “send” buttons. If this sounds like something you want, download the plugin here.

@ellenbauer: I’m looking for a WP plugin or code snippet to easily rotate content on a page (per pageview). Does anyone have a solution? #wordpress#help

I think we understand what you want. There are some in-house ad management plugins that will do this. Here’s one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cd-ad-sponsor/

@kjrichmond: I’m looking for a #Wordpress Shopping Cart solution. I only need to LIST products plus ability to choose how many to add to cart.#HELP!

Does this help? http://cart66.com/ We have used this in the past and recommend it for its simplicity and user-friendly nature.

Huge thanks to @MikeNGarrett, our Tech lead, for helping to answer these questions. As always, the WordPress & Drupal web development team at The Web Development Group want to help! If you are looking to build a new web presence in one way or another, email us at [email protected].

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