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Kurtis Shaner
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Are you using your business’s Facebook page to its fullest? When you first start a Facebook page, it can be a little overwhelming to see all the tools available on the Admin Panel. The most useful of these is the Facebook Insights. The Insights will show you a graph of how many people have been reached. This will allow you to trace the reach of your page over time. Ideally, you will see a continual incline. You should also focus on matching up your reach with your status updates to see which are most popular.  If you click on the insights, you are given a whole range of demographic information such as the gender, age, and location of your Facebook friends. You can also look at the “Talking About This” section to learn how many people are talking about your page and what your viral reach is. As a company, these statistics allow you to see the demographic makeup of your audience and therefore tailor your posts to this group. At Northern Virginia based WordPress and Drupal web design and development company, WebDevelopmentGroup.com, we want to make the connection between your website and Facebook as smooth as possible. That’s why we are really excited about the multipurpose plugin Facebook unveiled on Tuesday that connects to your WordPress site. The plugin will allow posts that are published on your WordPress site to appear automatically on your Facebook page. It will also allow you to mention a friend on your WordPress blog and have the mention pop up on that friend’s Facebook wall. Does this plugin sound like something you want on your website? Contact us for WordPress, Drupal, Design, and Social media services at [email protected].

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