Vbrick is an enterprise video platform that provides live webcasting and on-demand video to B2B clients.

WDG partnered with Vbrick to provide the ultimate experience to B2B companies in need of video capabilities. We helped Vbrick design a polished CMS portal that displayed the trusted brand to their ever-expanding Fortune 500 customer list.


Showcase Vbrick's services through a simplified and user-friendly platform.


Create a fully fleshed platform to reposition Vbrick's services to its B2B audiences.


An optimized user experience led to increased leads and decreased bounce rates.

384.2% Traffic by Referrals

36.06% Bounce Rate

During Vbricks redesign, WDG had to consider the audiences that are being targeted. Vbrick conducts business in three different areas; corporate communication, marketing, and information technology. Our job was to help reposition their services in order to produce quality leads.


Driving Action

WDG’s team had to strategically place and draw attention to various calls to action (CTA) on every page. In order for the redesign to be effective CTA’s needed to be completely optimized. CTAs include scheduling demos, contacting sales leads, obtaining email sign-ups, encouraging resource downloads, increases webinar views, and targeting Cisco partners.

Strategizing for the highest results.

Using Information Architecture, we ensure that the user experience will be seamless. Our strategy and design teams worked closely to construct wireframes that incorporate all components necessary to meet the needs of the client.  

When it came to content strategy, it was important for our team to understand Vbrick’s needs. Vbrick identified various keywords, as well as the voice and the tone necessary for the sites messaging.

Tracking for success.

With every redesign, there are desired results that we are aiming for. WDG tracks each client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in order to ensure an effective website. For Vbrick, it was necessary to track KPIs like increased sign-ups, scheduled demos, increased traffic, and time spent on site.

When analyzing the results of our redesign, we found that Vbrick decreased their bounce rate by -36.06% and traffic from referrals increased 384.20%. Through these results, we are able to see the improvements achieved by this redesign.

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