Kendal is a leading organization of communities, programs, and services that advocate for and empower senior adults to live their lives to the fullest. Through their network of senior living communities, they provided top-in-class experiences to their residents and families.

Kendal came to WDG looking to consolidate their digital brand presence across 14 affiliate locations nationwide. Previously, each location managed their own web presence and governance, creating a disparate and often confusing user experience between properties.

Providing a seamless user experience across multiple sites became a top priority of the WDG IA and UX team. We worked closely with Kendal to ensure the content architecture was a system that all 14 affiliates could use – one that provided a clear overview of the benefits of Kendal to users, was easy to maintain across each site, and that could be effectively deployed across each site.

WDG also provided flexible content blocks within a best-in-class Gutenberg WordPress build. These blocks allowed Kendal to tell their story effectively with an approved set of storytelling tools that each affiliate had access to. Gutenberg was a natural choice as a CMS for Kendal as it provides this unique opportunity to create both cohesion and flexibility.

The end result is a set of 15 websites – the corporate flagship and 14 affiliate sites – that capture the overall vision and brand for Kendal, while also allowing each affiliate to emphasize what is important for their discrete audiences.

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