Showcasing the vast offerings of a profession-focused media giant to a modern audience.

  • Adaptive Online Experience
  • Flexible Content with WordPress
  • Responsive Parallax Layout

New York based Penton Media is an information publishing services company distributing to over 16 million professionals in industries such as agriculture, transportation, and infrastructure. They offer a plethora of different resources for these industries, including networking, data metrics, and peer to peer broadcasting. With our in-depth experience in this industry, we knew we had to develop an online platform that is sustainable and versatile.

Fully responsive parallax designs for Penton

Functionality Placement Perspective

  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Sticky Navigation Option
  • Dynamic Image Positioning
  • Parallax Sections
  • AJAX Functionality
  • Auto-Published Content from PRNewswire
  • WordPress Implementation
Readability on a mobile device is paramount for Penton

Optimized Responsive Design for All Devices

In order to showcase Penton’s business tools, our solution merged functionality with massive imagery. We built a responsive website equipped with advanced parallax regions that educated and engaged the visitor. Highlighting the many avenues of their business required full-page sliders that responds to any device size. Images in this slider take up the full height and width of the devices and users are able to interact with the slider with either a finger or mouse.

We ensured that each page is optimized for display on any sized screen, from a 4k television screen all the way down to a mobile phone. While taking in account the various markets that Penton serves, each publication was given its own listing in Penton’s product database, providing detailed information on each publication that is easy to keep up to date. New directories linked to targeted marketing material which increased product exposure. This unique arrangement boosted subscribers immensely.

Statistics can be visualized beautifully on the web

Freedom in a Content Management System

Our advanced programming produced a high resolution WordPress site that features customizable navigations, interchangeable full screen layouts, and more. As the demands change, Penton has the freedom to alter this custom-built theme at their disposal. All changes to this complex layout are at their fingertips, no complex HTML markup editing required.

The implementation of WordPress for Penton is unique. It gives content managers control over all visible content across all pages and also accounts for layout flexibility for future growth of the Penton site. Penton has the ability to continue to build out their excellent presence online without having to worry about getting developers involved whenever a new format for content is required. This flexibility is baseline functionality for all WordPress sites WDG builds, so you never have to worry about the future of your content online.

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