Learning Without Tears recently rebranded, consolidating several successful initiatives into single company focus promoting learning and content mastery for students.

With innovative research at its core, Learning Without Tears offers developmentally appropriate tools and strategies for children of all learning styles and levels. WDG partnered with LWT to provide a polished new site under the consolidated brand.


Coalesce content into streamlined information architecture with improved navigation pathways to increase user engagement.


Seamless navigation structure and an interactive map with content data points which allowed the content library to seamlessly correlate sitewide.


LWT was able to increase conversion rates through improved functionality and navigation. Conversions are seen as resource usage and workshop registrations.

38.40% bounce rate

3.80 daily pageviews per vistor


Easier education through flexible content.

This grants their administrators the ability to stack items in horizontal blocks, meaning they are able to order headers, stats, programs, images, testimonials, and much more in repositioned sections of their choosing. The integration of established color schemes creates continuity between the pages, and flexible components allow admins to adapt and repurpose elements as needed for future site management should the side architecture expand or change.

LWT already had a high degree of comfort with Drupal as a content management system, considering their original site was developed using Drupal 6.

WDG’s development team, therefore, upgraded their site to Drupal 7, utilizing a flexible theme and migrating a large number of custom modules over from the original site. With a large scope of migration, 30 database tables and 20 custom modules were ported over.

The essential modules included components vital in LWT’s business administration, including SSO, profile and license management, purchase/order/sales, campaign-style redirects, and analytics.

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