ubbard Broadcasting operates across several major national markets, including the nation’s capitol. In order to support their enormous amount of concurrent users, WDG needed to create a highly performant platform. We accepted this challenge by creating a highly scalable web application on WordPress.

Project Mission

Hubbard partnered with WDG to create an online platform that could seamlessly manage multiple channels and millions of listeners.

What We Did

WDG created a streaming medium equipped with custom features for cutting-edge web functionality to revolutionize the listening experience.

Strategizing Music Success

Attracting and sustaining the modern listener online with an innovative formula ensuring premium site execution.

We guaranteed Hubbard listeners received the perfect platform for modern music engagement.

Supported by the power of WordPress, we created a seamless user experience designed to entice listeners and promote subscription growth for Hubbard.

Hubbard Radio music albums

A More Personal Radio Experience

We composed a web application that would have accumulative benefits with cutting-edge innovation for years to come. Designed with target audiences in mind, Hubbard's listening platform created unique and engaging interactions with real-time analytics for growing the user base.


Responsive Design

Adaptability, flexibility, and automation of the platform to guarantee optimal performance on every device type.

Social Features

Users are able to like and save songs, access artist info, answer trivia, join discussions, and share content.

Real-Time Interaction

Leveraging Ember of the javascript framework, WDG was able to create real-time interactions between listeners and hosts.

Advanced Deployment

Each station can handle 4,000 concurrent authenticated users (18.5K requests per minute). Each server has an average response time of 2.4 seconds.

Rewarding Users

Not only did we design and launch a visual masterpiece that increased interactions and engagement for Hubbard Radio, but the platform also influenced their overall business model. In an effort to increase user retention rates, we created a two-tiered system that rewarded subscribed users based on listening time and online interactions with prizes from major retailers and locally curated offers.

Hubbard Radio prizes example

Increasing Revenue

The new platform encourages corporate sponsor partnerships because of its usability, visual appeal, and data centric metrics. Administrators have the ability to measure listening habits, song preferences, user location, and more. Unlike other stations, Hubbard is capable of offering precise marketing campaigns that ensure targeted demographic exposure.

Hubbard Radio user profile

Ensuring Brand Loyalty

With a powerful, responsive design and engaging user experience, Hubbard’s new site offers targeted demographic exposure. The ultimate product is highly customized and performant for an incredible listening experience. As they move into the future of radio, WDG has ensured Hubbard Broadcasting will remain at the forefront of the radio industry.

Hubbard Radio responsive WordPress on iPad

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