he Conquer Cancer Foundation (CCF), located in Alexandria, Virginia, is a nonprofit foundation built on the goals of funding research, sharing knowledge, and improving the quality and access of cancer care. WDG partnered with CCF to fully redesign their site on a powerful WordPress platform for improved flexibility and ease of administrative control.

Project Mission

CCF partnered with WDG to redesign their outdated site with a modern aesthetic on a flexible WordPress CMS platform to help increase support for their mission on a broad scale.

What We Did

WDG created an elegant design with a reorganized site structure to increase the foundation's audience engagement, support, and donations in order to advance their mission to conquer the fear of cancer for all.

Highlighting Audience Engagement

WDG strategists started the site redesign process with research and discovery, which included identifying user personas and leveraging analytics for comparative analysis. The dual demographic audience informed the project guidelines; one audience included everyday supporters funding the cause, while the other included the medical community and their interest in research. A newly crafted information architecture helped appeal to these simultaneous target audiences while emphasizing the organization’s success through statistics, data on resource allocation, and more.

Distinct Designs

Designing the initial layout of the CCF website required a thorough process with a multitude of wireframes. Key client concerns included encouraging donations through reinforced links, content, and an easily navigable page structure.

A clean and consistent design helped organize the large variety of content into appropriate, logical sections. The design team created mobile, tablet, and desktop mockups for review to guarantee an optimal user experience for every page, regardless of device. CCF completed the Drupal development internally, so providing very thorough designs that filled in all gaps was crucial for the seamless completion of this project.

Increasing Brand Credibility

The design mixed data, colorful imagery, and vibrant colors to create an engaging tone for a broad audience while maintaining the site’s credibility for the medical community. The strategic design appealed to this dual demographic by incorporating an authoritative and uplifting tone. In order to engage new supporters while continually reengaging their current userbase, WDG employed a variety of visual components to reinforce CCF’s reputation as a leader in contribution to cancer research.


Uniquely Designed Pages

Device Agnostic

During the creation process, our designers provided CCF with over 60 different proofs, creating 3 versions (desktop, tablet and mobile) of the 23 unique templates for the site. For pivotal interactions, WDG designers created animated prototypes to maximize clarity for development and to provide a tactile and functional method to preview the site’s intended behavior.


Returning the Investment

WDG worked to emphasize the donations page in particular, allowing our designers to depict a sensitive subject with care in order to maximize potential donorship. CCF received a significant return on investment (ROI) within months of the site launch, as donations increased tenfold with a distinct emphasis on mobile-initiated funds. The integration of the rejuvenated design and brand directly contributed to a significant uptick in site traffic and viewership.

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