A world-renowned leader in Earth-saving scientific research, The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies came to us seeking a brand refresh, an update to a Drupal 8 CMS, and optimized messaging of their expertise and impact with the planet’s most pressing problems.

Our provided framework made for more compelling donor engagement and connection with Cary’s core audiences of policymakers, academics, practitioners, and the public. The new CaryInstitute.org gives their team the flexibility to respond to any changing digital needs, allowing their website and mission to evolve together.

Screenshots of the Cary Institute's 'Our Team' and 'Support' pages.
Mobile design comps for Cary's 'Donation' and 'Sign-up' pages -- features photography of a fox in the wild.

Tailored Global Initiatives

WDG’s history and familiarity with globally conscious research institutes served as an invaluable asset during the initial discovery phase for this project. Our team implemented a thoughtfully tailored and comprehensive conversion-driven digital strategy for Cary.

A seamless mobile-first approach enhanced their UX with streamlined navigation, better site search, and custom integrations. Their content and CTAs were repositioned to maximize donations, user engagement, brand awareness, and SEO metrics.

Design comps for Cary's full homepage.
Showcase of Cary's style guide, including a color pallet and typography choices.

Style as Substance

Our designers sustained and revitalized Cary’s visual brand with clean minimalism, fresh font faces, and a color pallet that evokes earthy tones to draw in users and foster engagement.

The aesthetic blends academic authority with a modern feel — choosing fonts with character such as Playfair interwoven with punches of color on accent pieces as iconography and punctuation to create a look as lush as Mother Earth.

A Cary researcher mapping out equations on a smart-board.
Design comps for flexible layouts and responsive elements.

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