Plan, Create, and Maintain Your Content Strategy

Your website’s success relies on more than just aesthetics and easy navigation; your content strategy plays an equally important role. Knowing this, WDG takes a three-pronged approach to ensure your organization’s messaging is tailored for the right audience. By carefully examining all elements of content along with design and CMS improvements, you can be sure that each component complements one another – resulting in maximum user engagement!

What is Content Strategy?

Great question! Here at WDG, we define content strategy as the thoughtful planning, development, and ongoing improvement of your content. With a carefully crafted approach, your organization can create meaningful content that engages your users, builds relationships, and drives successful conversions.

Planning Your Content Strategy

Creating and implementing an effective strategy starts by auditing all of your website’s existing content. To gain clarity and purpose, you’ll need to ask yourself some pertinent questions before diving in:

  • Who is intended to be our target audience?
  • What message do we want them to get from this content?
  • How are our users going to find and/or access the content?

Answering these core queries upfront will give direction to the rest of the phases for crafting optimized and impactful messaging.

Crafting Your Content

Even if your organization has limited resources or budget that prevent you from hiring subject matter expert copywriters, there are still ways to leverage effective messaging on your own! Crafting compelling content that is findable, concise, persuasive, and relevant does not have to be a daunting task. With tools like assessments, trainings, and content templates, WDG can help you create engaging web content even with limited capacity. Connect with us and learn how we can improve your content’s effectiveness.

Content Maintenance Planning

Having a plan to refine your content over time is an important factor in ensuring continuous success with your strategy. But how do you measure and track that performance? Governance, regular trainings, and maintaining active content calendars are all essential tools that can help your content team learn about your content’s effectiveness, as well as how it can be improved on an ongoing basis.

If done correctly and consistently, your team’s actions will lay the groundwork for enhanced user and customer retention which should contribute to increased ROI — that will make everyone happy!

The Content Cycle: It’s a Lot!

Keep your content current and engaging for your target audiences through an effective cycle of planning, crafting, maintaining — it’s a surefire way to gain the certainty you need when presenting content to your users.

If there are any questions or if you’d like WDG to support you in implementing a strategy, get in touch – we would love to work with you!

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