The Real Value of Content: One’s Voice

Andrew Amundson
Andrew Amundson
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Content first will help inform decision decisions.
creating content first.

Content First?

Content first. Content is King. Content, content, content. We in the digital world have heard these maxims so often they’ve lost meaning — the irony being that despite the ‘content everything!‘ seeming-enthusiasm, few digital agencies actually believe in it. Why?


If dev is the musculoskeletal system/vital organs of a site, and design the face — then content is the voice. Now (in this analogy), can you live without the first two? Not really. Can you live without a voice? You can — but you’d be pressed to connect with your target audience without one. To put a site together, you need a development and design team fluent in HTML, CSS, Python, et al — you don’t need content to have functionality. And even though agencies have dozens of talented people you can write ‘full-stack’, it’s an anomaly to have someone on staff that can just write. Yes, you can cut and paste and play Madlibs with boilerplate writing for your blogs, body content and H2’s — which many organization do, unfortunately. Or they curate other content, with varied results. There’s so much care and focus with the interface and aesthetics of site-building, while the content’s often barely an afterthought.

At WDG, we want to prove all the ‘content’s the best!’ one-liners to be true — beyond the Herculean task of overhauling our own site with a brand refresh (WDG Case Study), we’ve also rewritten (nearly) all the content on, along with more prolific blogging and our digital agency-insider podcast, WDG Presents: Feedback. Words matter. Content matters. One’s voice matters. We welcome you to listen to ours.

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