How Fake News and Email Design Innovations Will Affect your Marketing

Lisette Alvarez
Lisette Alvarez
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We’ve rounded up the latest news in web trends for the week of November 10, 2016 – November 16, 2016.



Visuals, video, and social media platforms continue to dominate the future of marketing. From Instagram’s business-friendly approach to Google and Facebook’s crackdown on fake news through ad networks, brands should be aware of continued shifts and shocks to digital marketing through the rest of 2016.


Google and Facebook ban fake news sites from their advertising networks

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE:  Romain Dillet

DATE: 15 November 2016

TOPICS: Advertising, Google AdWords, Facebook, News

SUMMARY: According to multiple statements, both companies have updated their policies to ban fake news sites from using Facebook’s and Google’s advertising networks. This will affect a huge amount of online publishers going forward.

The Coming Revolution in Email Design

MEDIA: A List Apart

BYLINE: Jason Rodriguez

DATE: 15 November 2016

TOPICS: Email Marketing, Email Design

SUMMARY: How better tools, responsive design, and a Microsoft/Gmail partnership are pushing the envelope on email design.

Google buys startup that could help convert Google Image searches to purchases

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Christian de Looper

DATE: 14 November 2016

TOPICS: Consumer technology, Google, Google Images

SUMMARY: If your business has not invested in imagery, perhaps now is the time. Google continues to push to convert image searches to purchases, and you can be assured the best in business will capitalize on the opportunity.



Looking for the Next New Sales and Marketing Initiative?

MEDIA: Salesforce

BYLINE: Joann Corley

DATE: 9 November 2016

SUMMARY: An appeal to question traditional answers to ROI, engagement, and advocacy. Is your brand looking at upcoming innovations and demographic shifts? Make sure you are asking the right questions.

The Evolution of the Customer Lifecycle

MEDIA: Marketo

BYLINE: Sachin Kalra

DATE: 10 November 2016

SUMMARY: Even though marketing has evolved significantly over time, the customer lifecycle model hasn’t evolved to reflect the same changes. This includes a more fluid customer journey, missing key stages, and resistance to sequential buying.

Instagram Stories now lets you add mentions, URLs and Boomerangs

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Juan Buis

DATE: 10 November 2016

SUMMARY: While links are only available to verified accounts, Instagram is looking to become more brand-friendly.

Instagram confirms that it’s working on live video

MEDIA: The Verge

BYLINE: Sean O’Kane

DATE: 10 November 2016

SUMMARY: Instagram continues to compete with Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook by expanding their prowess as a visual giant. Live video is the next step for video expansion on Instagram.  

New State of Sales Research Reveals Big Changes in Strategy and Priorities

MEDIA: Salesforce

BYLINE: Alexandra Siegel

DATE: 14 November 2016

SUMMARY: Salesforce Research surveyed over 3,100 global sales professionals to reveal how the role of sales is evolving in the changing customer climate. This report looks at which strategies, tactics, and technologies separate the leaders from the pack.

How social platforms influenced the 2016 election

MEDIA: The Verge

BYLINE: Natt Garun

DATE: 14 November 2016

SUMMARY: Wondering how your business can take lessons learned from the 2016 election? Check out this article detailing the various ways which social media has shaped the political climate.

How to not f*ck up your App Store video

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Adam Winograd

DATE: 15 November 2016

SUMMARY: Designing a stellar app store video should be an app marketer’s goal, and understanding where your video falls short is crucial.

Sisense announces bots for Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Telegram

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Ron Miller

DATE: 15 November 2016

SUMMARY: Sisense, a company that helps customers link multiple data sources and summarize them in a single dashboard view, has expanded to major messaging platforms.

Facebook launches a unified inbox for businesses on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Anthony Ha

DATE: 15 November 2016

SUMMARY: In another move to be a one-stop shop for businesses and their social media outreach, Facebook has created a unified inbox across Facebook and Instagram.

Line may not be focusing on the U.S., but it has impressive plans for expansion

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Lulu Chang

DATE: 15 November 2016

SUMMARY: Japanese messaging app, Line, is looking to expand into global business messaging through chatbots, artificial intelligence, and transaction-focused features.

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