Web Trends Roundup: September 28 – October 4

Lisette Alvarez
Lisette Alvarez
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We’ve rounded up the latest news in web trends for the week of September 28, 2016 – October 4, 2016.



Worried about our inevitable robot overlords? October opens with renewed interest in AI, biometrics, and internet ownership. Check out more of our future-facing articles below.


Facebook to take on eBay and Craigslist with new Marketplace

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Napier Lopez

DATE: 03 October 2016

TOPICS: Marketing, social media, e-commerce


SUMMARY: Facebook has revealed a new classifieds initiative, Marketplace. Marketplace moves to challenge established e-classifieds sites like Ebay and Craigslist. Marketplace is another effort to make sure you come to Facebook for all of your needs.


The Internet Finally Belongs to Everyone

MEDIA: Wired

BYLINE: Klint Finley

DATE: 03 October 2016

TOPICS: ICANN, IANA, internet ownership


SUMMARY: On Saturday, the US government handed the last vestiges of control to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, an independent organization whose members include myriad governments and corporations as well as individual Internet users.


Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft come together to create the Partnership on AI

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: John Mannes

DATE: 28 September 2016

TOPICS: Artificial intelligence, digital ethics, enterprise


SUMMARY: These five companies have decided to announce the launch of the new Partnership on AI. The group is tasked with conducting research and promoting best practices. Practically, this means that the group of tech companies will come together frequently to discuss advancements in artificial intelligence.



MasterCard launches its ‘selfie pay’ biometric authentication app in Europe

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Natasha Lomas

DATE: 04 October 2016


SUMMARY: MasterCard is moving to rollout ‘selfie pay’ (aka MasterCard Identity Check). Users will be able confirm an online payment by showing their face to their smartphone’s camera. However, there is still concern about storage safety.


To beef up in marketing, Salesforce will buy Krux for $340M in cash, up to $750M overall

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Ingrid Lunden

DATE: 03 October 2016


SUMMARY: Saleforce announced that it is buying Krux, a company that tracks traffic (“data signatures”) across multiple devices — e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet, set-top — and channels — display, social, search, video.


Heek is a chatbot that can build you a website

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Sarah Perez

DATE: 03 October 2016


SUMMARY: A startup called Heek wants to make building websites as simple as chatting over text and answering a few questions.


To combat ad blocking, publishers ask staff and users to fight bad ads

MEDIA: Digiday

BYLINE: Lucia Moses

DATE: 03 October 2016


SUMMARY: Multiple publishers including Wired, Washington Post, and the Guardian, have stepped up their attempts to combat ad blocking by connecting with staff and users themselves to let them know if an ad experience is obnoxious or controversial.


Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming as biased as we are

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Bryan Clark

DATE: 30 September 2016


SUMMARY: Hairstyles, algorithmic policing, and Twitter bots reveal disturbing trends with regards to biased AI.


5 charts: The global state of programmatic now

MEDIA: Digiday

BYLINE: Ross Benes

DATE: 29 September 2016


SUMMARY: The algorithmic purchase and sale of advertising space in real time has multiple benefits and drawbacks. Programmatic has revealed security concerns and increasing potential for international advertising.


How startup bank Monzo is using a community-based marketing approach

MEDIA: Digiday

BYLINE: Grace Caffyn

DATE: 29 September 2016


SUMMARY: Monzo, a U.K. challenger bank, fits the needs of their customers by sharing product roadmaps and opening a forum for users to vote on their desired products.


17 of the Best Brands on Instagram Right Now

MEDIA: HubSpot

BYLINE: Lindsay Kolowich

DATE: 28 September 2016


SUMMARY: Opera, flour, athletic clothing, SNL. Check out the link above to see how brands across industries are making the most of Instagram through defined personalities and appealing visuals.

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