Web Trends Roundup: August 3 – August 9

Lisette Alvarez
Lisette Alvarez
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Web Trends Roundup

We’ve rounded up the latest news in web trends for the week of August 3, 2016 – August 9, 2016.


Early August has brought renewed interest in social video opportunities. As major social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have rolled out new social video and story engagements, how should your business react?



The Future of Social Video: A Brief Look Into What’s Next [Infographic]

MEDIA: HubSpot

BYLINE: Lindsay Kolowich

DATE: 03 August 2016

TOPICS: Video marketing, social video, disruptive technology


SUMMARY: Forward-looking social video trends that can help inform social media marketing for small to medium businesses.


Your Guide to Not Getting Sued by the International Olympic Committee


BYLINE: Lauren Zoltick

DATE: 04 August 2016

TOPICS: Olympics, marketing, trademarks


SUMMARY: A clear guide on how your business cannot engage with the Olympics, including retweeting official Olympic Twitter posts on your business Twitter account. Also offers a few tips on how your business can capitalize on Olympic fever.


Why Snapchat is doomed if it doesn’t change soon

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Juan Buis

DATE: 08 August 2016

TOPICS: Snapchat, social video, business


SUMMARY: How other social media platforms are taking over Snapchat’s niche, how blocks like Snapcodes bars user discovery, and why Snapchat needs to refocus on their audiences’ needs.




Bots: Our New Digital Fishermen

MEDIA: Salesforce

BYLINE: Brandon Reynolds

DATE: 04 August 2016


SUMMARY: A post on uncovering some of the mysteries behind “bots”, and the possibilities of the future of AI.


How to Use Instagram Stories: A Simple Guide for Marketers

MEDIA: HubSpot

BYLINE: Marissa Breton

DATE: 04 August 2016


SUMMARY: A how-to for Instagram Stories, as well as tips for marketers who already have an active Instagram audience.


5 Smart Ways Marketers Can Prepare for Unexpected Changes

MEDIA: HubSpot

BYLINE: Ben Cotton

DATE: 05 August 2016


SUMMARY: Given the fluctuating nature of the global economy, here are a few idea on how to weather multiple storms and industry disruptions. Includes perspectives on testing, lead generation, and value propositions.  


Industry Disruption Can Be Fun. We Swear.

MEDIA: Salesforce

BYLINE: John Wookey

DATE: 08 August 2016


SUMMARY: Cartoon depicting some of the kinds of industry disruptions customers are facing.


Twitter Moments creation opens to influencers, brands, and soon, everyone

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Josh Constine

DATE: 09 August 2016


SUMMARY: How Twitter Moments reflects Twitter’s business aims and the push for viral content.


12 sci-fi technologies already changing the way we live

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Scott Gerber

DATE: 09 August 2016


SUMMARY: A few technologies we are already familiar with (mobile phones, drones), and a few that aren’t so familiar. Also describes ideas of where these technologies are heading.


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