Web Trends Roundup: August 17 – August 23

Lisette Alvarez
Lisette Alvarez
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Web Trends Roundup

We’ve rounded up the latest news in web trends for the week of August 17, 2016 – August 23, 2016.


The school year starts and the social video glamour fades. Eyes are set on the future. What is the future of the major players like Google? What about employment, specifically with tech industries? How is the presidential race affecting web trends? This week we see how minor shifts may have major consequences.


Google’s Future is in the Cards


BYLINE: Dr. Peter J. Meyers

DATE: 23 August 2016


SUMMARY: As Google shifts their mobile-first design from dozens of blue links to information cards, it means consequences for SEO. As Dr. Meyers notes, “Ultimately, our definition of search engine optimization is going to have to expand beyond traditional results and into any information unit that can drive traffic.”

Coding needs a new youth movement

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Josh Seides

DATE: 23 August 2016

TOPICS: Coding, STEM Education, Youth and Tech

SUMMARY: As the gap of STEM jobs vs. STEM graduates continues to grow, it is clear that computer science needs a new approach. Rapid changes in technology signals a pressing need to educate future-coders earlier and earlier. While there have been some encouraging signs through local and national “Hackathon” initiatives, it hasn’t been enough. Seides suggests hands-on education initiatives throughout the education system.

Tech and the presidential race

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Ayinde Alakoye

DATE: 22 August 2016


SUMMARY: Any future president will inherit a constantly shifting tech landscape. The 2016 presidential race highlights the need to review security and privacy policies as well as investments in the tech industry. This article examines the candidates’ relationship to the tech industry to date.


13 ways companies should improve their data security in the age of IoT

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Scott Gerber

DATE: 23 August 2016

SUMMARY: How should companies ramp up their data security as the Internet of Things grows? This article explores relevant avenues.

Making Sense of Google’s Updates in Local Search


BYLINE: George Freitag

DATE: 22 August 2016

SUMMARY: This article covers Google’s removal of descriptions for Google My Business and Google+ Metrics, as well as other relevant updates. It also covers how you can adopt to the changes.

How government can unlock three trillion dollars of value in the digital economy

MEDIA: TechCrunch

BYLINE: Andrew Keen

DATE: 21 August 2016

SUMMARY: Interview with Accenture Senior Director of Strategy, Anand Shah on how the US government needs to work with partners on new innovations like drones, “which – because of often archaic regulatory restrictions – are struggling to realize their value.”

The US will soon no longer control the internet’s domain name system

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Abhimanyu Ghoshal

DATE: 19 August 2016

SUMMARY: On October 1, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will no longer be administered by the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Instead, a nonprofit multi-stakeholder entity will take control of a global database of addresses for most servers and sites on the Web

Don’t look now, but Pinterest will be rolling out video ads soon

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Anthony Thurston

DATE: 18 August 2016

SUMMARY: Because Pinterest is a major online shopping destination, the company’s move to ad video advertisements might be more effective than its competitors.

Marketing Redefined: 3 Ways Technology Is Transforming Marketing

MEDIA: Marketo

BYLINE: Ashika Balani

DATE: 18 August 2016

SUMMARY: How technology is empowering marketing, how data is evolving, and how technology is impacting entire marketing organization structures.


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