Web Trends Roundup: August 10 – August 16

Lisette Alvarez
Lisette Alvarez
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Web Trends Roundup

We’ve rounded up the latest news in web trends for the week of August 10, 2016 – August 16, 2016.


As we mentioned last week, social video is the most recent forward-thinking trend in digital marketing. New social video development was most relevant to other social media platforms, but the trend will also affect a number of other industries including search engines, magazines, and higher education.


Google’s Hangouts still has a future: as an enterprise communication app

MEDIA: The Verge

BYLINE: Dieter Bohn

DATE: 16 August 2016

TOPICS: Google Hangout, communication services


SUMMARY: With the launch of Google’s video chat app Duo, where does that leave Hangouts? Google is looking at promoting Hangouts as a group conferencing platform, particularly for businesses. They are also looking at deep integrations with other Google platforms like Spreadsheets and Docs.


Brands leap to Instagram Stories, find success

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Harrison Kaminsky

DATE: 13 August 2016

TOPICS: Instagram, social video, social media marketing


SUMMARY: Brands across industries are finding more viewer interactions on their Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories offer a better, more flexible brand experience. Amy Odell, Cosmopolitan.com editor said “Instead of just one perfectly edited image of an ice cream sundae, we posted several Stories from a recent ice cream social held at Cosmopolitan.com headquarters.”


Most companies slow to adopt new business tech even when it can help

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Bruce Brown

DATE: 11 August 2016

TOPICS: Business growth, tech trends, innovation


SUMMARY: “Trends vs. Technologies 2016” report noted a significant disconnect between viable new technologies and business adaptation. One roadblock is the inability to recognize opportunities within the organization, other concerns include “security risks, data governance, and inertia of legacy systems.” Companies also mistrust the hype around some technologies. Simply put, short term cost and risks outweigh the potential benefits of implementing new technologies.



How­ higher education marketing has changed

MEDIA: HubSpot

BYLINE: David Ross

DATE: 16 August 2016


SUMMARY: Stagnating enrollment, student (consumer) empowerment, and digital disruption has encouraged higher education marketers to focus on SEO and inbound marketing.


Snapchat’s $110M acquisition of Vurb could remedy its biggest problems

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Bryan Clark

DATE: 16 August 2016


SUMMARY: Snapchat’s acquisition of mobile search and recommendation app Vurb might help its struggle with user experience.


How white papers help you build thought leadership

MEDIA: The Next Web

BYLINE: Victor Ijidola

DATE: 16 August 2016


SUMMARY: “High-value customers are increasingly demanding education and advice as part of sales experience”. An article with tips to create white papers to generate conversions and engage consumers.


The state of local SEO & where to focus now


BYLINE: Casey Meraz

DATE: 16 August 2016


SUMMARY: The bar for local SEO has been raised. How to utilize data-driven SEO studies and ranking factors.


Google tries to take Some of the hassle out of doing your civic duty

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Lulu Chang

DATE: 16 August 2016


SUMMARY: Google offers a new search feature that will allow users to register for the upcoming presidential election.


#ThrowbackThursday is only the start: Instagram hashtags for every day of the week

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Dallon Adams

DATE: 15 August 2016


SUMMARY: A useful list of popular daily Instagram hashtags.


What’s new in social? Video takes center stage

MEDIA: Marketo

BYLINE: Lisa Marcyes

DATE: 15 August 2016



SUMMARY: Social media platforms–and others–are hopping on the social video train en masse. An overview on each platform about their social video capabilities and updates.


Facebook adds more control over ads to customize and improve user experience

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Anthony Thurston

DATE: 11 August 2016


SUMMARY: A brief on the recent personalized ad changes within Facebook, as well as a response by the company AdBlock Plus over concerns of user choice.


Beyond Mobile: 5 ways new tech is changing the way we market

MEDIA: Salesforce

BYLINE: Heike Young

DATE: 10 August 2016


SUMMARY: How customer choice, faster tech advances, virtual reality, peer-review, and contextual marketing are the major players in the future of marketing.


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