Most-Loved Design and Development Tools: Valentine’s Day Edition


Roses are red, violets are blue;
we love our design and development tools, and so will you!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for me to check in with my teammates and see what design and development tools they love the most. Want to know what tools our designers and developers keep closest to their hearts?

Our Hearts are Bursting for These Development Tools

“I like Moz for tracking search engine ranking and optimization. New Relic for tracking server performance.” – Mike, Tech Lead

“I love Trello because it keeps me organized.” – Ab, Business Account Manager

“I second Ab’s mention of Trello. #ILOVELISTS.” – Homiera, Project Manager

“My weekly to-do list. My monthly blog calendar. And a pen.” – Kaitlyn, Communications Specialist

Spectrum, for being able to duplicate the color palettes I make, and being able to write tags for each palette so that they’re easy to find later. Also, being able to upload a photo so that I can grab particular colors is super nice. Also, Trello. I like being able to have my to do list on me no matter where I go.” – Kristina, Visual Designer and Illustrator

Icomoon, for being awesome.” – Kurtis, Web Developer

“I’m starting to enjoy Sass Mixin Library.” – Kyle, Web Developer

Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger. It scrapes a post to show what Open Graph properties are being processed by Facebook. Also serves to pre-fetch the media so that a post isn’t shared without the image or video that should be included. And Trello.” – Vajaah, Web Developer

VirtualBox, PuTTY and WinSCP. It makes Windows development possible.” – Doug, Web Developer

The strategists, designers, and developers at WDG have many amazing, practical tools in their creative and technical arsenals. Do you have any web design and development tools that you love? Would you like us to test out a particular app and let you know what we think? Give us a shout at @wdgtweet!

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