5 Must-Have User Experience Tools

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my 3 Steps for an Effective User Experience. User experience, to recap, is like a digital piece of machinery: it has to make sure all aspects of utility work seamlessly together.

Nothing quite beats the usefulness of good old-fashioned pen and paper. Making quick sketches and visualizing content structures really helps me as I uncover ideal layouts and interactions. But there are many great UX resources out there that you can use to craft great user experiences.

Check them out here!


UxPin is a user experience app that creates responsive wireframes and prototypes. You can adjust and correct your progress at anytime, and the app provides a simple method of sharing previews with your fellow designers, or clients.


User testing is a huge part of user experience. With Solidify, you can test interfaces at whatever stage of development you are at. But what I really like about this tool is that it gives you thorough details about user behavior and habits, including user clicks and average time spent on the page.


Moqups is a lightweight, versatile HTML5 application used for creating wireframes and mockups. It is super easy to use, partly because it¬†doesn’t require a browser plugin.¬†Images can also be exported to PDFs or PNGs, which makes sharing straightforward.


If you are looking for a wireframing tool that feels similar to the experience of sketching on paper and whiteboards, Balsamiq is the tool for you. Don’t let its simple interface fool you: Balsamiq has a huge range of UI elements in its User Interface Library, which makes it highly customizable. It also gives you an easy way to share your processes with project managers, developers, and designers.


With HotGloo, creating low and high fidelity wireframes and prototypes couldn’t be easier. Its template system is robust, but doesn’t feel clunky, allowing you to build full-blown layouts without lag. Another cool feature about HotGloo is that it places a lot of emphasis on responsive interactivity that flexibly adapts to different users.

Having an impeccable user experience is the most crucial element of any successful website. If your users do not understand the flow and function of your site, they will leave your site quicker than a snap of the fingers. Want to learn about how WDG crafts intuitive user experiences? Let’s talk.


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