WDG’s Favorite Drupal Modules

As a web developer, I have spent a lot of hours developing websites using Drupal. So it’s no surprise that I have a pretty extensive list of my must-have, favorite Drupal modules. Here is a list of four modules that I have continually found to be useful for my many projects.

Favorite Drupal Modules


Context allows you to manage layouts on your Drupal site, based off of conditions and reactions for different sections of the site. This can include elements like content types or URL paths.

Entity Reference

As the title suggests, this module allows you to reference other entities on a node page. This is really useful when you want to show other content that is related to the node is currently being viewed. It provides a nice administrative interface, which allows for a quick search of the entity title.


This module provides an extremely intuitive way of setting up forms on a website. Out of the box, it comes with features such as customizable automatic responses based on field tokens and an easy-to-use interface for exporting form submissions. From my experience, it’s best to pair this module with a spam filtering module, such as Honey Pot or Mollom.

Omega & Omega Context

 Omega is a theme, but when paired with the Omega Context module, it provides very flexible layouts for your website. This helps the developer avoid being limited to using a pre-defined page layout by making it customizable through the Context module.

Drupal is a stellar platform to build your newly updated website on. Whatever the challenge, the team at WDG is ready to meet it. For even more awesome Drupal modules, check out the original post on Our Favorite Drupal Modules. Interested in learning more or getting started on a new website? Get in touch with us–our WordPress and Drupal developers are experts at what they do.

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