4 Reasons You Should Love Open Source Software

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz
- 2 min read

WordPress LogoDrupal-logoAs a web development agency, it’s our job to deliver clients websites that are good-looking, but also manageable. After all, how effective can a website be if it doesn’t function the way it’s intended to?

That’s where open source software comes in. By now, you probably know that WDG has some ace WordPress and Drupal developers. But do you know why we specialize in these two content management systems? No fear—let’s dive into some reasons open source software rules!

Open Source is:

Frequently Updated

One great feature of open source software is that they are backed by enormous developer communities. This means that systems, like WordPress or Drupal, are constantly updated with new modules and plugins that make the design process more efficient. These updates keep your website at the forefront of the latest technologies, and help boost performance and security. How’s that for awesome?

Extremely Customizable

All content management systems are meant to be extended. You start out with a basic structure and then build upon it to suit your own needs. This makes them extremely flexible and renders the possibilities endless. Customization is crucial for addressing our clients’ unique needs, so open source software is the way to go.

Cost Effective

While the word “free” can be misleading, open source software is basically software that has been developed by a community of people who don’t charge licensing for their work. Which means you—the client—get the most for your buck! When comparing to proprietary (closed source) software and all its associated costs (required virus protection, support fees, upgrade expenses), open source software looks a lot better, right?

Real-Time Improvements

Let’s say your favorite plugin is having some difficulty and not performing like it should. If you have proprietary software, you’d have to wait on the program’s developers for all those updates, support, and fixes. Not a great use of your time. With open source software, you’ll have thousands of developers behind your CMS with access to the source code in order to make alterations and changes.

Next Steps

There are many reasons open source technology should be a part of your website. Have any more questions that our WordPress and Drupal developers can answer? Drop us a note today!

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