Effective Ways to Communicate With Your Web Designer

Kristina Lakeway
Kristina Lakeway
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The scenario: It’s time to dive in and begin work with your recently contracted web designers. You’re excited to get your new website launched and want to have a great experience in the process. What should you be doing to ensure a successful project with your web designers?

Communication is the key.

Effective, open communication and collaboration go hand in hand when you work with your web designers. It may seem obvious, but these behaviors are oftentimes ignored. A lack of effective communication can very easily cause a dissatisfying experience for the designer, in turn leading to unhappy clients. What follows are my helpful suggestions on how to positively bridge the gap, get what you want, and come out with a great experience.

Want to have a successful web project? Communicate with your web designers.

Ask questions.

The relationship you have with your graphic designer doesn’t have to be difficult. Having an effective manner to communicate with your web designer will give you a great experience and resulting product.

If you get lost listening to your designer talk about IA, UI, UX, wireframes, etc, don’t fret. You shouldn’t let that intimidate you from fully participating. Ask for elaboration and clarification. It’s important for you to know what is going on and what you are agreeing to. It is your project in the end and a good designer won’t mind taking the time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Come prepared with your needs & goals.

One of the best ways you (as the client) can prepare yourself before working with any designer is to have solid expectations of what you need, want and why. If you are not able to clearly lay out your reasons and goals for your web project, then you run the risk of quickly decimating your resources for time or budget by hesitating in the decision-making or going in the wrong direction. Be ready to explain what the mission of your organization is, why you are looking to update your website and the goals you are looking to achieve with the new design. Be an active participant in all decisions. If you are unsure about anything, be honest with your designer– remember that they are here to help create and advise on the best direction to present your ideas.

Be clear in your communication.

Another tip to better communication between you and your design team is to always articulate your feedback and needs. Providing feedback that tells your designer to just “make it better” is incredibly vague and unhelpful for your designer. Instead of providing vague commentary, elaborate on exactly what is bothering you and what you had in mind.  Being specific will save your designer time guessing and save you from unnecessary frustrations.

It’s important for the door of communication to always be open between both parties. Be open to ideas that your designer shares on how to improve your project. Web designers are folks who have a wealth of experience and understanding in how to best design and promote your ideas. Work with them to benefit from their talents.

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