Jarvis, a Quicksearch Plugin for WordPress

We’re Excited To Announce Our First Publicly Released Plugin For WordPress, Jarvis.

Jarvis - The Web Development's QuickSearch WordPress Plugin

The Web Development Group recently released Jarvis publicly, receiving positive feedback from Jarvis users and the development community. Learn more about what makes using this plugin to move about WordPress admin more effortless.

What is Jarvis?

Jarvis is a WordPress plugin for users to quickly maneuver around the admin side of WordPress to get to content quickly. This functionality comes in the form of an easily-accessible quicksearch box. The quicksearch pulls in search results from throughout the site, including all relevant posts, pages, settings, custom post types, comments, plugins, etc.

A Preview of The Web Development Group's new WordPress Plugin, Jarvis.

How was the idea of Jarvis thought up?

Our team built Jarvis to fill a need internally. We were looking to find a way to make our processes more efficient while navigating the administrative end of WordPress. We found that as a site’s amount of content increased and became more complex, Jarvis’ worth increased as well.

Why did you decide to release Jarvis to the public?

As an agency that reaps substantial benefits from the open-source community, we believe in contributing back to the community that dedicates so much talent and time to supporting the power of WordPress.  Since WDG developers found Jarvis to be so universally practical and it was easy to build it into any WordPress configuration, we wanted to share this functionality with the WordPress community. We hope you like it and find it as useful as we do.

What did you learn from the process of publicly releasing a plugin to the open source community?

The barrier to publish code publicly has become increasingly easy to overcome. As such, there are a ton of plugins available to anyone with the ability to follow a few simple tutorials while committing to something via Git or Subversion. To stand out as a credible source, our team here at WDG created a brand for Jarvis that would tie the plugin back into the trustworthy reputation we pride ourselves on. We extended this brand to a home for Jarvis at wpjarvis.com, on Twitter and into the plugin code. Through this process, our development team has become incredibly familiar with the WordPress plugin repo, polished our own best practices for future releases.

What’s next for WDG?

Our goals are to continue contributing to the communities that support open source software, so you’ll be seeing more from us in these communities, especially WordPress and Drupal. Our next major release is a fork of a popular plugin, CDN Sync Tool. You can already check it out on Github and WordPress.

The Web Development Group is a premier DC-area creative agency, specializing in interactive design and development. As advocates of contributing back to the open source communities from which we reap vast benefits, WDG aims to continue building functionality for a more malleable and user-friendly platform. Did you enjoy learning about Jarvis? Keep up with what our developers are building by visiting us on Github. WDG is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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