WordPress vs Drupal; What’s the Difference?

We’ve recently been getting a lot of calls asking about the plethora of open-source content management systems (CMS) available nowadays. We’re going to take a look at two of the most popular systems (and ones we like a lot), specifically WordPress vs Drupal. When we’re talking to the typical non-savvy website owner we’ve been getting the same question repeatedly:

What’s the difference between WordPress and Drupal?

To help our clients and anyone who doesn’t know one from the other, I have happily volunteered to spell out the main points of both platforms in terms that even I can understand! If you have ever met me, you can tell my background is not technical. Writing this post was as much a help for me as I hope it will help you.

WordPress…not Just for Bloggers Anymore

WordPress Logo

WordPress began as a user-friendly blogging platform. It still is an great tool for bloggers, but has grown tremendously via a passionate community of designers and developers dedicated to building up the repertoire of themes, plugins, and core functionality which help make WordPress a more efficient platform for dynamic websites.

With minimal training, content managers start entering their posts quickly and it’s smooth sailing from there. What’s not to love?

Why Use WordPress?

Drupal…Massive Power and Then Some


Drupal oozes power. This robust platform, with a spectacular taxonomy system, is developer-friendly and has a passionate community behind it, just like WordPress does. When you have a complex website with an enormous amount of content on your hands, consider Drupal. Its penchant for taxonomy is perfect for tagging, categorizing and structuring complex content.

However, like most powerful tools, Drupal does require some getting used to for users to successfully operate. More training is necessary, even for basic content management and the building of the system itself can be both time and budget consuming. If your massive site has an intricate content system and many moving parts, Drupal is calling your name.

Why Use Drupal?

In a Nutshell

WordPress is an efficient, user-friendly content management platform without requiring extensive developer experience.

Drupal is an intricate tool with powerful taxonomy capabilities that are ideal for larger, more complex websites.

If you’re still puzzled about which way to go in the WordPress vs Drupal battle, or you’re looking to partner up with a vendor to help make your website dreams come true, get in touch with us.

With a passionate team of designers and developers here in our Old Town, Alexandria shop, WDG is a leading web agency, specializing in both innovative web design and solid web development services. Located just outside of the nation’s capital, we enjoy riverfront views while we’re building phenomenal WordPress and Drupal websites for our fantastic clients. Feel free to stop by and chat with us about your web needs!

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