Push To Talk, Reinvented.

Don’t your fingers get exhausted from all of the texting you do all day long? Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the times of Walkie Talky and the ease of Push To Talk? Well, get ready because conversations just became so much easier on your thumbs.

Last week, The Web Development Group – WDG – had the privilege of launching Prip.Me, a website built to anchor the online presence of an app from Nii Holdings (formerly Nextel International). The app, coined by our UX Director as “Push To Talk, Reinvented”, brings all of the “chirping” power from the Walkie Talky years into the modern and fancy age of app-loving smartphones. Together with Nii, we strategized to present a solid domain name recommendation and messaging for the website.

Armed with strong brand guidelines and tasked with the challenge of designing an app website that was uniquely different, our Art Director cranked out an animated concept to communicate the purpose of the Prip application. With its essence captured, he drafted a mobile-first site that was developed on Zurb’s Foundation 4 framework. The framework was integrated with WordPress to serve as a content management system and the site was deployed on WP Engine, ready to scale.

If you’re tired of all of that typing, grab Prip from the Google Play store and get ready to enjoy a phenomenal PTT experience!


WDG — The Web Development Group — is a leading web agency, specializing in ingenious web design and solid web development services.  Our goal is to enable companies to successfully engage across interactive channels, such as web, email, and social media.  Located just 5 miles outside of the center of Washignton, DC in Old Town, Alexandria, WDG gets inspired by the laid back quaintness that their riverfront studios has to offer and was minted as one of Alexandria’s best small businesses.

Want to learn more about how we can help take your branding to the next level? Chat with us! Better yet, download Prip and Prip us!

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