Soyfoods- a new WordPress website!

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The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) approached The Web Development Group looking to have refreshed. The purpose of this site is to make the general population more aware of soyfoods month. WDG’s WordPress development team worked closely with SANA to ensure that the changes made reflected the organization’s goals.

In order to help build a larger audience and make soyfoods month better known to the targeted audiences, the development team focused on making the site social media friendly. Social media buttons are at the top left and right of the header menu. As a visitor to the site scrolls down, the menu also follows them down so the social media buttons are always presence.

The theme for soyfoods month is Farm to Plate. Our development team made the theme stand out more by utilizing different fonts and colors for the name of the theme. They also used a media gallery plugin to create a homepage with a slideshow that was dynamic, informative, and pushed out key information through graphics.

The main menu also changed to accommodate new links that were added. The menu items changed and new pages were built. Like all sites built by The Web Development Group, intuitive navigation is a key element. The National Soyfoods Month’s website is now easy to navigate which makes visiting the site an even better experience.

Although WDG may work with large sites, ranging from nationally recognized non-profits to universities, we also work with smaller organization to help them deliver their message to the targeted audiences. WDG has become one of the best DC WordPress development companies because of our attention to detail, focus on client needs, and our eagerness to continue to learn about the newest plugins and modules. If you are looking to work with a WordPress development firm, get in touch with us today!

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