WordPress 3.5 New & Improved

Just a few days ago we discussed the WordPress media gallery. Since that time, WordPress has released a new update and in it a new media gallery. Below is a quick discussion:

The holidays are right around the corner, and WDG got everything it could ever ask for in the newest update of WordPress 3.5! Named Elvin after the drummer Elvin Jones, this new update comes complete with many small tweaks that won’t be noticeable to the majority of users. What will be noticeable to everyone is the new media library.

WordPress considers the new media formatting, “a completely re-imagined flow for uploading videos and creating galleries. Media has long been a friction point and we’ve listened hard and given a lot of thought into crafting this new system.”   That they have. By simply clicking the “add media” button you will be escorted to a new media section where you simply drag and drop your media into the upload portion of the screen. Working with your chosen media is also much easier. If you are interested in better organization for your media, you can now create different galleries and drag different media into its corresponding gallery.

Along with a new media option, users are also given a new standard theme, Twenty Twelve, that comes complete with a responsive design. Because of its responsive design, this new theme will look good on any device. It is a very simplistic theme that can be used for blogs and websites alike.

As one of DC’s best WordPress web development firms, these kind of improvements excite us. We love working with WordPress because it is always improving, that’s what is so great about CMSs. Building small blogs, to large websites (such as Shenandoah University) are now possible because of the dynamic nature of WordPress. We look forward to the next launch!

Have you experimented with WordPress 3.5? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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