Organization is Key to Successful Web Design

Successful web design is a key factor in the effectiveness of your web presence. At WDG, we work with awesome organizations and businesses. Some of the sites feature huge quantities of similar content that desperately need to be organized. Other sites, such as DC Diaper Bank, need organization to help create a clean site and provide easier navigation. The point is, no matter what kind of business or organization you work for, an organized web presence is key. It provides legitimacy and professionalism to your company.

Looking at MHz Network’s website as a designer, the first issue that needed to be tackled was organization. On a website that could potentially host over 500 videos of multiple genres, lengths, and on different schedules, it is easy to imagine how this site might quickly turn in to an organizational nightmare. The combined efforts between the MHz Team and the designers at The Web Development Group resulted in an intricate menu system that would provide intuitive navigation for the audience members.

Aside from the menu system, there is a “featured” section that publishes popular shows and clips. It is an easy way for users who aren’t looking for anything specific to find content that will interest them. The slideshow also helps push out new content that will interest most visitors. Again, both of these features work to grab the attention and interest of the audience making return visits more likely., another site we recently launched, also required intensive organization. This site pushes out press releases and news stories that must be categorized. Again, we relied on the top menu as the cornerstone navigation tool for visitors who knew what they were looking for. For visitors who came to explore the site, there is a slideshow that links to interesting pages and posts. There is also a “latest news” section on the homepage that pushes out the most recently added content.

Both of the sites discussed thus far had very specific content that needed to be organized, but what happens if you are working on a site that doesn’t have vast quantities of similar content? Is organization still important? Yes! Take The Web Development Group’s redesigned site as an example. Our site is organized in the sense that all the content we want to be displayed has a specific place on the website for it. This reduces clutter and creates cohesion throughout the site.

If you are interested in learning more about The Web Development Group’s design process, get in touch with us! As a top Virginia WordPress and Drupal development company, we are able to take your design goals and turn them into a flawless web presence. Check out our portfolio to see which companies and organizations we have worked for.

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