Don’t Just Get a New Site, Get a New Presence

When you work with The Web Development Group, you won’t get just a new website, but also a new web presence. Of course, the cornerstone of this will be your new website, but there is so much more than that.

How so? Well, let me take you through some of the questions that our design and development team would want you to consider:


  • Are you going to keep your logo? If so, how can we make sure that it looks fresh, modern, and professional?
  • What are the colors in the logo?
  • Do we want to use these colors as the primary color scheme for the new website?

These questions help the design team bring a new life to your web presence while incorporating a logo that is recognizable to all clients. It is important to decide early on in the design process whether or not you want to keep your existing logo.


  • Who is the target audience?
  • How many different audiences are there?
  • Do your potential clients already know about your company?

Knowing your audience is key when it comes to redesigning your website. It affects which content gets displayed where, how the menus look, and which graphics are featured. All of this, obviously, plays a large role in how the development and design gets implemented.


  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • What do you want people to get from your homepage?
  • What is your reason for redoing your website?
  • How important is social media incorporation?

These questions might seem obvious to you but each business and organization has a different purpose. Some just want to share information; others want to get visitors to buy something. Maybe you want social media share buttons on all of your articles and posts. Maybe you want your Twitter feed to hook up to your website directly or have social media buttons displayed more prominently.

Now What?

As you have hopefully gathered from the three topics listed above, when you work with WDG, we help guide you to the perfect website. In doing so, we provide you with a new web presence: one that is modern, fills all of your needs, and keeps your audience in mind throughout the whole process. Getting a new web presence can be overwhelming, but the benefits should not be overlooked. Your new web presence will help give your brand a personality and show your audience that you are invested in your brand.

If you are interested in receiving a new web presence, contact us for more information about how we can help you accomplish this. WDG specializes in Drupal and WordPress and we will work with you to help you decide which open source CMS is best for you.

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