Klout’s New Scoring System

At The Web Development Group in Alexandria, VA, we try to be experts on everything that involves web, design, and development. So, apart from keeping on top of all Drupal and WordPress updates, we also try to maintain a firm understanding of everything happening in the social media world. This means keeping up with the main social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, we also try to stay on top of Klout, Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and a few others. This can be an overwhelming task for an unexperienced social media user, but not for the experts at WDG!

Today, Klout formally announced the implementation of a new algorithm that will keep the scores more accurate and therefore the ranking system more realistic. Okay, backup, this is all assuming you know what Klout is. If not, let me give you a quick breakdown. Klout strives to rank the social influence of people. Everyone has a Klout score and you can find out what yours is by connecting your social media sites to Klout. Okay, back to this update.

Klout now takes into account 400 signals as opposed to 100. This new score has bumped some people up, like President Obama who now has a higher score than Justin Bieber (who was previously at 100 has now been knocked down to 92). For most people, the new scoring system has increased their Klout score.

As web developers and designers, we were more excited about the complexity of the algorithm being used as opposed to the results of the update. Some people really care about their Klout score because it can be used to enhance a resume when applying for a marketing job, and those with high Klout scores are likely to get promotional material from local businesses in hopes that these influential individuals will help promote them.

Interested in incorporating social media on to your website? Get in touch with the WordPress and Drupal experts at The Web Development Group. Although we are based in the DC area, we also work with clients from Maryland, North Carolina, and anywhere else you may be located!

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