Winding Down for the Week pt3

It’s been a big week here at Virginia based WordPress and Drupal development company—WDG. Today we send out one of our own to marry his beloved. Matt, we wish you and Leslie the best! Have fun. We’ll be here when you get back.

It was also the first week for 2 of our new rock stars, Mallory and Molly. Mallory is jumping on the team to help our designers execute some of the awesome projects we have coming down the pipes. Molly is here to help with marketing and social media. Her first task is another big piece of news.

This week the team launched GiveBack DC, an event we’re holding this summer to get together some of the brightest design, development, and marketing minds in the DC area to give their time to 3 good causes. The end result will be a brand new web presence for these nonprofits. A big congratulations to everyone that made this happen, especially to Ab, Dee, and Grant for pushing this project through to completion.

Further news about GiveBack DC, Molly, started spreading the word and saw some significant success, getting retweeted by 2 of the housewives of DC.

…and the Danville Braves


Tools Phabricator developer tools.
Phabricator is a suite of developer tools by Facebook. Brilliantly executed marketing.

UX UX Myths debunked.
Featuring things like “People don’t scroll”.

Social Twitter updates its brand.
A new bird, a new direction, literally.

Event Mobile UX Camp.
Learn all you need to know about mobile user experience. It’s being held right here in DC.

Design Create Favicons on the fly.
Mallory found an easy way to create a favicon online.

WordPress Theme My Login.
Matt found this plugin to be extensive in the amount of customization of the login/registration process it could handle.

WordPress Adminimize plugin.
Imagine all the permissions for WordPress were customizable. Then dump a truckload more features on top of that.


SPACE! Venus flies across the sun.
NASA gets some wild video.

Marketing Chinese clone Austrian town.
As part of a project to lure tourists into a town, the Chinese recreated a quaint Austrian town.

Technology OnLive is still waiting for iOS approval… 6 months later.
This on top of Rogue Amoeba’s back and forth with Phil Schiller on their rejection leaves the app store in a bad spot this week.

Mobile 7 Strategies for Creating Effective Mobile Websites.
Ab found this article with some great advice on creating mobile websites.


App Fun Audit.
Interactive video to see how fun you are according to Facebook.

Video Ultimate Dog Tease Molly suggests we join her in revisiting one of the funniest videos on Youtube.

iPhone OLO is finally released for iPhone & iPad.
The amazing part of this is the UI, online multiplayer, and the integrated voice chat for online multiplayer. Amazing.


RIYL = Recommended If You Like
Pop Kill It Kid – Feet Fall Heavy.
RIYL Treetop Flyers, Kyla La Grange, Marcus Foster.

Hip Hop Oh No – Ohnomite.
RIYL Madlib, Gangrene, Guilty Simpson.

Country Robert Francis – Strangers in the First Place.
RIYL Philipp Poisel, Jupiter Jones, Young Rebel Set.

Folk Admiral Fallow – Tree Bursts in Snow.
RIYL Frightened Rabbit, There Will Be Fireworks, Kid Canaveral.

Rock The Riverboat Gamblers – The Wolf You Feed
RIYL Dead to Me, Cobra Skulls, Smoke or Fire.

Alternative Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles – HEAT.
RIYL Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps, Lookbook, Gospel Gossip.

Electronica Tomorrowland 2011
Best Electronica Mix by concensus of WDG. This is a compilation of the 2011 festival.

Metal To Speak of Wolves – Find Your Worth, Come Home.
RIYL Addison, Settle The Sky, City In The Sea.

Another great week. Come back by next week to see what’s new.

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