Pinterest 101: The Basics For Your Business

At DC based WorPress and Drupal development company, WDG, we have been talking about the benefits of Pinterest for our self as well as our clients. For those of you who are new to Pinterest, here’s a quick overview. Pinterest allows individuals to have an online pinboard where they can pin anything they want from the Internet. For example, if you are an aspiring architect, you might pin what you consider inspirational architectural designs. If you are getting married you can pin wedding ideas and send the board out to your family and friends. Pinterest is much more than just a regular pinboard though; it is a marketer’s dream. Pins can go viral very quickly. Whenever you pin something, it will show up on your followers’ homepage. Pins can be repinned by other users, they are often posted to Facebook, and they all link back to the original site that the image was pinned from. How can you tap into Pinterest’s genius if you don’t offer products as tangible as floral designs or as aesthetically interesting as 18th century cathedral architecture? Here are a few ideas:

  • Who is your audience? Post images and quotes that will appeal to these people. IBM is on Pinterest yet if you look at their page, you won’t see a single board dedicated solely to computer or computer technology. Instead they focus on data (interesting figures are likely to get repinned) and IBM products that help “build a smarter planet”. All images link back to either the IBM homepage or their blog.
  • Look to see what other people are pinning. There are pinboards about everything from “Geek Culture” to “Law Enforcement”. You won’t have a problem finding the right niche for your product.
  • Pin regularly. People are unlikely to get annoyed with excessive pins as long as they are interesting. Plus, the more you pin, the more likely you are to have people repin and follow you. Be sure to add the Pinterest button to your site (if applicable)

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