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Being just across the River from all of the action going on, we were obviously intrigued by today’s Supreme Court ruling on health care … but not for the same reason most other people were. Located a mere 8.6 miles from the Supreme Court, you might think our conversation would have focused on the constitutionality of this monumental ruling.  In all honesty, we were more impressed with SCOTUSblog and their ability to keep their site up and running throughout today’s many many periods of high web traffic.

According to today’s article in Poynter., SCOTUSblog slowed down considerably this past March during the health care hearings, when the site went from receiving 40,000 to 50,000 hits to a million hits in a matter of a couple days.  Today, however, the site never went down, nor did it show any signs of slowing down, despite the public’s hunger for constant updates on the Supreme Court rulings.  How was this blog, that is typically dedicated for the rare portion of the population that has an actual vested interest in Supreme Court happenings, able to successfully keep up with such a large traffic spike this time around in the final days of the rulings?

Quite simply, SCOTUSblog, which has been running on WordPress since 2003,  had their traffic split onto different servers, thereby releasing the strain put on the site.  The result? The site ran like a champ today as the Supreme Court finally announced that they upheld the health care law that is considered to be the signature legislation of President Obama’s presidency.  As a small business that deals with sites of all sizes, we were very impressed to see the power that SCOTUSblog demonstrated today.

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