Ahead Of The Curve: Video For WordPress & Drupal Designs

When it comes to designs conceived and produced here at our WordPress & Drupal web agency, we are consistently striving to stay ahead of the curve.  When coming to WebDevelopmentGroup.com for your design or development projects, you can most certainly expect to have access to our team’s professional best practices for web and design strategy.

As of late, we have been discussing with clients the benefits and added value of incorporating videos on to websites.  The most obvious benefit with videos is having the ability to incorporate an unlimited amount of “content” without the negativity of a text/content-heavy design.  Take the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Well, a video is that, but to the umpteenth degree!  Videos allow the user to engage with the site in an easier and less time-consuming manner, all while giving them the same information as a text-based page, if not more than.  The important thing to remember when implementing the usage of video and film is that it must be organized in an easy and usable method for site visitors to easily access and sort through.

A client, who we are currently  in the midst of developing a new custom Drupal-based website for, relies HEAVILY on videos.  As part of the implementation, the site’s uploaded videos must be easily sorted by the system versus using a manual method that would drive the most sane person nuts.  For this site, we went with Drupal’s own taxonomy system using View’s contextual filters to allow for the sorting and arranging of uploaded videos.  With this feature, we are integrating the use of Drupal’s Omega Theme to set the new custom website as responsive (great article about what responsive design is and best practices for it here).  This integration will allow for the videos of the new website to be easily viewed and searched using any device, from a desktop to an iPhone.

Interested in learning more about best practices for video implementation on your own website project?  Talk to us and find out how we can help you rock it out!

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