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WordPress developers in Washington DC are working more and more with WordPress as their primary content management system. With a user-friendly backend system, flexible and fun themes, and an ease of deployment, we have helped many of our clients, who range from start-ups and entrepreneurs to local government and associations, migrate over from other content management systems like Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Joomla and others to WordPress. To focus on one reason you might want to think of moving, let’s take Drupal as an example.

Why WordPress over Drupal’s platform?

When contemplating one open-source platform over the other, don’t think about it in terms of which is the better platform. Both WordPress and Drupal serve their purpose and do so in their own respective manners. The key to commit to one platform is understanding which system is ideal for your company or venture. Think about the needs of your organization before looking at the benefits and weaknesses of each platform. While both WordPress and Drupal are open source and allow for you to manage your website’s content, Drupal is more intricate and uses more resources when installing, configuring and managing. Do you have the resources to set aside for a Drupal-based site?

Drupal got its start in 2000, at the University of Antwerp where it was used as a message board before it morphed into a more intricate and intertwined system—read more about Drupal’s evolution. Drupal should be used for building large, heavily-trafficked websites and we recommend having the in-house resources available to support the platform after working with a vendor, such as WDG, to implement the system.

WordPress, initially a blogging platform, was launched in 2003 and was quickly embraced because of its user-friendliness and clean structure. Its popularity has continuously grown at a rapid rate. According to a recent survey, greater than 20% of the sites in existence on the internet are run by WordPress—There’s something to be said for that high rate.

When we bid on projects and work with clients, we first discuss your organization’s initial requirements, wants, and needs in a new website. Based on our in-depth discussion and the information we obtain from you, we provide a recommendation on the platform to use for your infrastructure. Additionally, user experience and creative design are a crucial part of a website, and thus a couple of main factors in the decision-making. As a user-friendly and flexible platform, WordPress excels in both instances and allows our creative designers to provide clients with what they need in a website on a great and easy-to-use structure.

More often than not we find ourselves working with clients in and around where we work. It makes for a better experience. If you’re looking for WordPress developers in Washington DC, give us a call and let’s discuss what we can do for you. Give our development team a call at 703-652-7103 (or email us at [email protected]) and let’s chat about how we can make WordPress work for you!

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