DC Drupal Development in the Nation’s Capitol.

So word around town is that http://www.whitehouse.gov/ is using Drupal because it’s supposedly the best content management system out there.  Is that true?

Clients are constantly searching for the best, for the most user-friendly CMS and, when meeting with us to discuss new web projects, continuously ask, “Is Drupal the best out there?”.  While Drupal has been the buzz word for the last 4 years, there are other, more flexible  open-source systems out there that provide a more user-friendly experience, all while delivering quality that is on par with that of a Drupal CMS.  When comparing CMS systems for our clients and they bring up Drupal, we make sure to effectively compare the options with the client.  While both systems are very powerful and awesome tools to manage you website and its content, comparing the pros and cons is an important step in determining which system is the best fit for you.

For websites that are based on an uber-heavy content framework, Drupal may be the ideal CMS – case in point: whitehouse.gov.  Drupal is equipped with many great tools that allow the administrators of heavy-content based sites to organize, structure, and reuse content efficiently.  Some of the powerful features offered by the platform include Drupal’s Taxonomy, creating menus and featured items to highlight specific info; the ability to automatically create human-readable URLS; and, the ability to directly reference specific pieces of site content.  Those are just a few of the many, many features the Drupal platform offers an organization.

Social publishing is another big focus for Drupal and allows your users to easily express their opinions and engage with others.  We have found this to be a huge plus for companies on the Drupal platform.  The CMS has a point-and-click permission-based system that allows tight control over administration, content access view, and other rights in the content system.  If your current website is screaming “content, content, content!”, then exploring Drupal and its benefits to your organization is ideal.

Check out some popular, content rich, and scalable Drupal websites below:

Contact us to get a consultation and open-soure platform comparison – we can help you decide if Drupal is the right content management system for you.

If you are in DMV area, we can easily meet in person to discuss the always intriguing question of, “To Drupal or not to Drupal?”.

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