WordPress Training Classes in DC and Virginia Are Open for 2012 Enrollment

David Everett
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Update: It’s 2014! Interested in WordPress training classes for the new year? Get in touch or learn more.

We are excited to announce that in 2012 we are offering more frequent WordPress training classes in DC and Virginia. 2011 proved to be a great year for teaching novice web content editors and web masters on how to use WordPress more effectively. We are now offering WordPress training on-site at your facility or in classroom settings in Alexandria, VA. What our Washington DC WordPress Training classes can teach you:

  • Generating Content or Blog Post with WordPress
  • Getting To Know the WordPress Dashboard
  • Creating Content: Posts vs. Pages
  • How to Write a Post in WordPress
  • Add Images and Create a Photo Gallery
  • Add Video to a Post
  • Edit and Manage Existing WordPress Posts
  • How to Write a Page in WordPress
  • Edit and Manage Existing WordPress Pages
  • Create a Collection of Links in WordPress
  • WordPress Categories Explained
  • How to Use WordPress Tags
  • Categories vs. Tags (when to use each)
  • How to Use the WordPress Media Library
  • Managing WordPress Comments
  • Customize Your WordPress Site

Change Your WordPress Theme

  • Create A Custom WordPress Menu
  • Using WordPress Plugins
  • How to Use WordPress Widgets
  • Getting to know WordPress Settings

General Settings

  • Writing Settings
  • Reading Settings
  • Discussion Settings
  • Media Settings
  • Privacy Settings
  • Permalink Settings

WordPress Installation and Upgrades

  • Installing WordPress
  • Upgrading WordPress
  • WordPress Importing and Exporting Tools
  • How to Use WordPress Administration
  • Managing WordPress Users
  • WordPress User Roles Explained

If you are looking for WordPress training classes in Washington DC or Virginia contact us today to learn more by email us at [email protected]. Seats available for the following dates:


Full day Class – $900.00 Dollars per Student. Discount rates provided for 4 or more students from same organization.


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