Who Benefit from Email Append Services

So the question comes up often: who would actually benefit from the email append service?

Email Append is the process of finding and matching email addresses to a file that does not have email addresses – it is a database marketing service that instantly can add up to 40 percent new email addresses to a file.

Its easy to say that anyone with a marketing database could benefit form email appending and if its done correctly then this is a very true statement. We have provided email append services to small, medium, and large organizations in all different verticals. The small shop down the street can benefit from email appending by sending local coupons via email to drive repeat customers back to their storefronts. Large organizations such as the IRS uses email appending to send email notifications to tax payers reminding them that April 15th is right around the corner and the large brands can send out fast emails notifying their customers about recalls, new products and services.

To keep this post short so we do not lose your attention, pretty much any business can benefit from email appending. It is a fast, effective and affordable way to communicate with your customers.


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