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The Email Append industry has changed significantly within the past 10 years. In 2000-2001 email appending was expensive and very few companies could provide this service. Costs were high, match rates were low, and it was still an unproven marketing service. A decade later, email appending and the online marketing industry has grown significantly especially with the latest introduction of social media technologies. Email however still is the most effective and proven method of online marketing tool – particularly when email is used as the preferred method of communication with your current clients.

Email Append Service “the process of appending/adding email addresses to your customer lists is the fastest and most cost effective method of mass online marketing” is affordable and extremely fast method to gain customer email addresses. The cost structure of the popular “email append service” is volume based and the fees are reduced with higher volumes purchased. In the early 2000 when email appending was first introduced, email records were sold at .50-.75 cents per record. Large brands would spend a significant amount on appending emails to their customer files. Obviously today, with more email records available, higher match rates, better matching technologies etc., the costs are less but the return on investment is still just as good.

Email appends are generally solid on average 15 cents per matched and valid record and can go as low as 8 cents per record for high volumes.
How does email append pricing work? Let’s say that a marketer wants to append 100,000 customer contacts with email addresses. The average email append match rate is 30 percent.
100,000 records matched at 30 percent with email addresses equals 30,000 gross email appended records. By gross we mean non-verified email records. After the 30,000 records are cleaned out, non-working email addresses removed, unsubscribers removed, banned email addresses etc… the net amount left may be 22,000 records. The total pricing structure is based on Net email appended records and not gross.

Look for pricing structure to start at .15-18 cents per matched and verified email address and expect as low as 8-10 cents as volume increased past one million records.

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