Local Web Development Company (WDG) launches the new Alexandria Sanitation Authority website

David Everett
- < 1 min read

Alexandria Sanitation Authority and the Virginia based Web Development Company (WDG) launches a new website for http://alexrenew.com/.

ASA is committed to being an environmental steward, good neighbor, and industry leader in our day-to-day work of making dirty water clean again and has redesigned its website to better serve the residents of Alexandria and parts of Fairfax county in Virginia.

Alexandria Sanitation Authority operates one of the most advanced waste water reclamation facilities in the United States, located on a 35-acre site.
ASA serves about 350,000 people/residents in the City of Alexandria and part of Fairfax County, processing an average of 13 billion gallons of waste water every year.

ASA new website is also extremely kids friendly and for Kids, Web Development Group designed a New Flash Game. Learn how to clean water but going through the steps with “Officer Gus with the Grease Police” and learn all about waste water reclamation here by visiting

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